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DC Women’s March Part I – Day Recap

Yesterday was an historical day and I’m glad to say that I had a chance to participate in the Women’s March on Washington.  Now that my body has rested I’ve decided to take some time and post my thoughts on the march and my experience.

I want to first give thanks for my co-workerd letting me know about the trip her neighborhood community planned.  She knew how much I wanted to go, but I did not want to go broke and when she learnt of the tickets she let me know.  And I will just say it was money well spent!

January 21, 2017 started for us around 4:30 am in Co-Op City of Bronx, NY.  We rode one of the five buses filled with residents of the neighborhood.  Our diverse bus had men/women, young/old, and multiple cultures.  Of the youth my daughters were the youngest!

A glimpse of the march happened at the rest stop in New Jersey — the building was filled with peaceful and happy faces of people ready to voice their concern.  A parade of pink knit hats, winter hats embroidered with Women’s March, and our groups Lady Liberty crowns.

our march crown

The magnitude of attendees was proven once the bus started to move slower and the driver kept hitting the brakes — because of the traffic of buses and cars on the expressway heading towards DC while no traffic heading towards NYC.

Due to our delay we did not get to see the Rally kick-off in person BUT thanks to the internet me and my youngest watched it via Facebook and Democracy Now.  I was so excited to see what we were about to be part of… I was excited for what was yet to come 🙂

And then we arrived — our bus dropped us off at Pennsylvania Avenue close to Capitol Hill…As we started to leave the bus we were joined with the sidewalks lined full of people.  People asking to take our picture for they liked our crowns… people seeing the sign my youngest daughter made (below).  We started to proceed to the area with the masses..along the way we regarded the signs and how nice people were.  We discussed what some of the signs meant.  Hmmm yeah this mom does not say Pussy to her daughters…. so had to do a quick lesson on our jewel and how the government and dear Donald wants to control her.

Among the walkers on Pennsylvania Avenue

Once at 3rd and Independence we waited with the masses — we learnt that the stage area was filled so we could hang in that area while waiting for the March to start… and as we waited the crowd grew more and more… We participated in the passing along a volleyball for fun.. We participated in chants.. we admired signs.. we talked to standing neighbors which changed quite often since people moved and unknown to us we were starting to march 🙂  I want to say this was all PEACEFUL – there was no negativity where we were at — it was an unified and respectful gathering.

We did not know it at the time BUT due to the overwhelming amount of people there wasn’t going to be an actual ‘march’ but we were marching…we walked with our signs and we chanted with others along a route that somehow led us towards the stage area from the sides.  We got free buttons on stopping racism — how fitting since that is what my daughter’s were chanting… we tried to make our way to the American Indian Museum since they were allowing attendees to utilize their bathrooms…we did not make it inside the building (my children had to go and the wait was not matching their need)…BUT we did get to see Madonna perform!

No sooner than our arrival it was time for us to head back to NYC….Stay tuned for Part II.


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