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Words of Wisdom: BeFull of Thanks & Giving

I hope that all have had a wonderful week so far — I know that most are in that hustle and bustle preparing for Thanksgiving.  I will admit that I have had my far share of errand (5 stores to get our items) BUT mine included food for my meal, Thanksgiving baskets, and meals for those less fortunate.

Knowing that I will be busy tomorrow I felt it would be wise to post some words of wisdom the day before.  Today’s quote was found on


Everyone has different perspectives of the Thanksgiving holiday — football, the pilgrims, family, gratitude, and food (nom nom).  I take on the stance of being Thankful for the blessings I’ve been provided and my ability to Give Back to others.  Here are just some of my thoughts to Thanksgiving:

  • Even thought it is awesome to stuff your body with some wonderful food – I see it more important that you were able to get the food.  Through feeding the homeless I see just how important food is for people — not only is it nourishment for our bodies but food renews our minds and souls.
  • It is an honor to spend time with my family members for I know several people that do not have someone to share the holidays with and would wish for the opportunity.  Now more than ever we as a society need to embrace ALL people with nonstop kindness.  Be open to share your time with others in whatever way you can.

I love just about everything associated with Thanksgiving (not a fan of cleaning up) BUT my primary action on Thanksgiving is to reflect on my blessings, give thanks, and if possible give to others.  I want to encourage you to do the same!



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