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Taking the first step to heal…

It is November 10, 2016 — Exactly one day after my so-called world was shattered…one day after my heart was broken into various pieces.  I’m sure you are wondering did someone she knows die…or did she find out she had an incurable disease?  No nothing like that happened to me…

Let me give you some background –My parents experienced various forms of racism and they wanted us to not be of hate but to be of love… my mom was one of the first African-Americans to integrate her predominantly white high schools in a small country town of father put his education on hold to fight in a war knowing that people hated him because of his skin color and his heritage.  My parents were called names and harassed by people that assumed they were an inter-racial couple when they weren’t… Despite all that they went through my parents raised me to be God-like and love everyone…they taught me to appreciate differences..they taught me to know the person before making any judgement…they taught me to respect all and treat others like I would want to be treated.

You see on the morning of November 9, 2016 the United States announced who our 44th president will be….they announced that someone with hatred for people of color, for women, and for those not like them will be the president… they announced that Donald Trump had won the presidential elections.  So why was my world shattered…elections happen and their is always a winner and loser…

My heart was broken because the majority spoke their true feelings about someone like me   (a female with African-Amerian, Native American, and Caucasian ancestry); they showed me that even though we’ve come a long way it still is nowhere near my perfect utopia — we still let hatred rule.  The goal of protecting my daughters from hate is now going to be harder because unfortunately I see our society going backwards now that Donald Trump is president.

It hasn’t even been one day and people have already displayed their hatred for others by spewing negative words and performing hateful actions towards people of color and women.  I’ve seen racial slurs and racists symbols graffitied on walls and informed that two males said “Trump that $itch” to a friend.  I can only dread how the reactions will be after inauguration day.

Even though I am hurt I have to move on from this devastation…I have to do my part in making sure LOVE Rules!  You see I realized this morning that…


Yes there are many people in our society that possess hatred for others… there are many people that can’t stand my gender or my skin color BUT I can’t let them prevent me nor my daughters from achieving dreams.  Now more than ever the United States needs love…people needs love…our society needs to be reminded that their are good people in our world..people that possess kindness..people that care for their fellow person and do not wish harm upon them.  Now more than ever the United States needs to shatter the hatred.  Now more than ever the United States needs the beacon of hope to shine brighter than ever…I am willing to take the needed steps to do that… are you?


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