Appreciate Your Strength

I have not posted in forever…Work and life have consumed my time.  As well I hadn’t been in a posting mindset — You know when you have twenty million things roaming in your brain and the blog is not one…

But the following image quote had me take a moment to provide some Monday Motivation.

The statement led me to reflect on how this past year has flown by and what was gained.. Quick summary- I have been a New Yorker for one year now; I have a middle schooler who seems to be adjusting fine; My 2nd grader is keeping me on my toes; Increased my job responsibilities with teaching a class and now more interaction with students; and I started putting a dent in my qualifying exams revisions…

Although it does not seem like I have done much since relocating to the Big Apple — I really have grown mentally and emotionally. Not sure if it is because of being in a new location or if it relates to me being in the 40’s…But I am different for the better.

We all need to take a moment and reflect on our own inner strength and appreciate who we are. Not only does it motivate you to keep going but it provides you some self lovin. I am grateful for the past year and I look forward to all about to occur in my 2nd year of being a single mother in the Bronx 😘

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