Motivation & Wisdom

When We Love…

We all know that Sunday, June 12th around 2:00 am the United States experienced another mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.  This shooting is disheartening while serves as a reminder on how much hate our society possesses. 

I’ve decided that I want to focus on Love quotes this week so today’s quote is based on words within the book The Alchemist.  I came across the quote with a google search and the image comes from the Flight of Wisdom blog.lovechangesalloct30copy

Let’s be honest we all have the ability to dislike or disagree with someone and/or something.  The key aspect to remember is how we choose to react to it.  Some use words, some use a pen/pencil, and unfortunately some use violence.  I try my best to turn the other cheek and not respond…take a moment to breath and go on with my day.  I can’t let that negativity consume me for that blocks blessings, and it prevents me from being loved!  

Love is critical for our society to change.  If every single person took time to love ALL we would be a strong society with positive and powerful people.  Love would stop this quick utilization of violence to solve problems.  Love would make someone question harmful actions.  I believe that If everyone just took the first step of loving all we would see an amazing butterfly effect.  

I am focused on letting LOVE rule my life and being a positive influence to my children and society!  What about you?

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