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Someday Is Not A Day

So I spent the past weekend setting up my first ‘bullet journal’ with the hopes it will allow me the ability to be better organized, stick with my journaling, and utilize my creativity.  I will definitely post about the process in the near future.  I thought it would be fitting to post a motivational quote related to days and pushing through them.  So after some research I came across this lovely phrase:buoygdvcqaacjkl

It is quite ironic how we state things like “Someday I will do….” or  “Let’s visit ___ someday” — when there really isn’t an actual day called “Someday”.  It is actually a societal tactic to push things back and leave an action as a dream rather than an actual action/event.

In order to truly reach our dreams/goals, we have to select real dates for things to occur.  The realness encourages us to be proactive rather than putting a notch in the future board.  I know realize that I have to seize my days and make the most out of everything for I do not know if there will be a “someday”.

Are you seizing your days or have you pushed something off to “someday”?  Let’s all take the day to put some actual dates with our goals/dreams while taking the needed steps to reach them.


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