Take time for Self

These past couple of days have been emotionally rough — I have been in a funk from missing KY and my friends/family.  I literally just vegged out and kept being moody — some of it was ole Ms. Red’s fault.  So seeing the following image quote was quite encouraging.

Every now and then we have to make time for ourselves — “me time”.  Just like the words express – it is essential.  That “me” time provides me renewal to keep pushing through single mommyhood and reaching my goals.  

As I said earlier I was in a funk these past couple of days — I needed to hit reset and think things through.  So I kept to myself and binged on Gilmore Girls.  Note – I can not believe I did not watch this show before netflix.  I am fortunate to have children that can take care of themselves!

My reset was beneficial and I am back to my normal self.  Everyone needs to figure out their best way to focus on them — an outlet to just be you.  I typically get that each day with a workout and if needed I take a few days to do one of my favorite things.  It is not being selfish but making sure you are sane and healthy for others😊


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