Motivation & Wisdom

Working Hard For What You Love

Our Spring semester is complete — I can now breath a little and start planning for the fall semester.  Today’s quote is absolutely fitting for how I intend to perform this summer.


The quote speaks volumes because I’ve forced things that I had no care for and typically gave me headaches…and it is NOT fun nor rewarding.  Alternatively, when I truly want something I stay focused and the tasks do not seem to bother me.  I realize the bigger picture and the tasks are steps helping reach the main goal.

With the semester over I’ve already realized that I have to be dedicated during the summer months to ensure a smoother fall semester both from a personal and work perspective.  In order for me to NOT stress my primary focus will be on the main goals and if time allows tackle the minor tasks.

What do you work hard for?  Take time to reflect on if your tasks are what you care for or not.  And then make it a goal that your passion motivates you to reach the goals 🙂



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