Don’t look back – Only Forward

Well I did a horrible job of posting last week — it is almost the end of the semester so work is quite overwhelming.  Today’s motivational image quote:    

I liked this quote for it not only relates to my current situation, but it also aligns with my love for running.  Some people can run on a treadmill, but I can’t do it for I get bored.  I need to be reaching a goal spot  that will force me to run there and back to a finishing spot.  It mimics a typical race.  

Besides work last week, I became involved with a writing challenge. I have to write at least 30 minutes a day — my mission is to work on my qualifying exam revisions. Yep you read correct — qualifying exams… those things I failed two years ago. It has taken me some time but I have made my peace and I am focused on moving forward.  The failure has passed and there is nothing I can do to change it…I can only deal with my present state and keep marking off my tasks.

We all have goals to reach — and our focus is on the final destination.  Yes there will be hurdles and moments we mess up BUT we can’t dwell on those.  We have to stay focused on the destination — the prize!


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