Carry On

Today’s wisdom quote is a random find…The image spoke to me.

We have all had rough moments or unfortunate things occur.  In my opinion, one of the crucial aspects of it is how you react..Do you wallow or keep on moving?I’ve personally done both and seen better outcomes when I just ‘carry-on’ with my life.  

Truth be told – being a mother pushes me to ‘carry-on’ more than ever for I am their role model.  When the whole “not pass the quals” events occurred I easily wanted to throw in the towel and hang up my dream of earning a doctorate.  BUT then I realized me quitting would encourage my daughters to quit when things get rough.  I took my break and now doing my revisions of my quals answers.  It will take time since I work but the girls are watching me this entire time ‘carry-on’.

In this crazy world called life we will have our fair share of hills to climb and ruts to dig out of…We can’t let them overcome us but we have to overcome them!  Carrying on makes you stronger for the next battle which builds up your ability to persevere.  Carrying on displays your dedication to reach the goal no matter what.


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