Pay Just to Potty

Since moving to the Big Apple, the girls have adapted very well to the big city lifestyle.  Naturally we still have adjustments to make but they are finally getting into the grove of things.

Unfortunately there is one thing that I do not think will ever get easy — going to the bathroom.  We are use to having access to public restrooms just about wherever you go…And if there isn’t one – well you can easily ask for your child to use one.

Not in NYC – you basically have to pay to potty.  Yes there are stores (big ones like Target and Macy’s) where public restrooms exist.  BUT that is not where we typically explore😉

Let me tell you about a recent ‘no potty’ experience.  We just got out of church and were going to explore Columbus Circle area.  Mind you my children had access to a bathroom in church.  As we are walking, Little proceeds to say she has to go to the bathroom.  I knew we were close to the donut place we were checking out so told her to hold it — I thought hey they should have a bathroom and I’m buying something so we will be fine.  WRONG!  No public bathroom and the worker did not seem like someone that would let my child use the employee bathroom.  

We ate a little and set out to find a bathroom..while walking Big says “Mom I have to go to”.  Thankfully we were near a nationally known drugstore which I assumed they had a public bathroom and I need to buy some tolietries so it was a win-win…WRONG!  There were no signs of a bathroom😤

By now my youngest really has to go but is holding it while we walk to find something.  We see a Starbucks but were halted with the sign “Restrooms for paying customers”.  Now I just spent $20+ dollars for our ice cream donut sandwiches and was not really trying to pay for something we did not need NOR was I in the mood to wait in a line just so my child can use a bathroom.  So I apologize and say we are near the mall just hold it a little bit longer.  Thankfully they both did and we made it to a public FREE restroom in the Columbus Circle mall!  

I get why you have to Pay to Potty but I am not a fan of the concept..especially as a mother.  I am sure people would think I am in the wrong for not wanting to pay for my daughters to use the restroom, but I know I am not the only parent that wouldn’t😉.  

We have definitely learned our lesson and take full advantage of the free public restrooms wherever we go — at times I force the girls to use it as prevention.


2 thoughts on “Pay Just to Potty”

  1. I can see exactly why businesses implement a rule like that. I wouldn’t want to pay my staff to clean a public bathroom that anyone (including non-customers) could access. In your case, you were actually purchasing stuff, so that is unfortunate!

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