Motivation & Wisdom

Make The Most Of The Dash

Last week was quite busy with work, sick child, and daily tasks which prevented me from posting.  I would say it would never happen again but that would be a fib.  I honestly realize that there is only 24 hours in one day AND there is only one of me 😏

 I came across today’s quote while scanning through my instagram.    The quote is part of a store in Georgia called All Inspired Boutique.  They have some neat items so definitely check them out.  

We are born, live a little, and die.  When someone is referenced we only mention what they did not the dates.  The focus is on their legacy — what did they contribute to society! 

If you take time and think about what you have accomplished so far, could you say you have made an impact on society, with your friends, with your family?  Have you left a legacy?  If yes – congratulations….But if no – why not?

I can honestly say that I have left a little bit of impact BUT desire to leave more.  I can only hope that I can influence others to:  

  • At least like Math 😜,
  • Give back to others,
  • Thrive despite their circumstances, and 
  • Reach their dreams.

So I ask you – are you making the most of the dash?


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