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Fab Five

It is Fab Fives of the week — I did a lot of eating out this past week so most of the items are food related.

1 – Weir Creek Park: I try to do my long runs on Friday and since our students are on Spring Break I was really able to do it.  My long run took me to this park near campus –if I wasn’t running I would of stopped and enjoyed the view.  I’m so glad it is just about spring because that means I can run.

2- Holey Cream Donut Ice Cream Sandwich: Our recent exploration of Columbus Circle area allowed us to try an donut ice cream sandwich — YUM!  Whoever thought of this was so freakin smart.  Find out more about the place.

3- Bareburger Guadalupe Burger:  We went to Ikea last weekend in Brooklyn and before we took the shuttle there we ate at this restaurant.  I love that I can go to most restaurants and find a vegetarian/vegan food option.  This bean burger was really good and I actually liked the bean sprouts on it.  Find out more about the restaurant.

4 – Estrellita Poblana Flor de calabaza o Huitlacoche Quesadilla: We checked out the Mexican restaurant near our apartment on a night I was too lazy to cook.  I have heard of people eating squash blossoms so thought I would try it myself.  The quesadilla had a nice kick to it and I even had enough for my lunch the next day.  Find out more about the restaurant.

5 – Air Plant: I finally bought an air plant… I know need to figure out where to put it, and pray that I do not kill it.


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