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Explore NYC: Columbus Circle

Just about every weekend we explore a part of the city by checking out both known attractions or hidden gems.  I typically do a little bit of research days before so that I can at least have a game plan.  (Note – I’ve become more of an excursion planner since becoming a mother.)  It seems only fair that I share pieces of our explorations with my readers since it is part of our new home adjustment.

This past Sunday we went to Columbus Circle for I needed new running shoes from a store within The Shops at Columbus Circle.  Columbus Circle is a traffic circle that is located near the southwest corner of Central Park.  Ironically Columbus Circle was intended to be an entrance to the park.

In orcolombusCircle1der for us to try a particular donut place, we decided to walk to the circle from church rather than taking a quick subway ride.  We specifically made our way to 9th Avenue to stop at Holey Creme.   They have something that I had never thought of before — Donut Ice Cream Sandwich!  I will be posting about what we ate in a later post, but I just want to say it was good.

We got full after eating half of the donut so took the rest to go and headed for Columbus Circle.  Our ice cream was melting by the time we reached the Christopher Colombus Monument which is the main focal point of the circle.  I didn’t get a picture but the fountain makes a great spot to eat and people-watch.

Trump International Tower Sculpture

Besides the monument you get a great view of the Time Warner Center (sits behind the shops), Trump International HotelHearst Tower (home to various magazines like Cosmopolitan), and Museum of Arts and Design.

The only way to release all the sugar we had in our donuts was to venture over to Central Park. Specifically we ventured to Heckscher Playground.  The playground has something for everyone – swings, slides, grass area to play, and an interesting maze.  For us outdoor people, the best part of the playground was the tall rocks that you can climb.  If you ever go there make sure to hike up the top of the rocks so you can get a perfect view — children can get hidden up there.


I know that this is not the last time we explore the area since it was a fun playground area.  As well I would like to see the architecture detail of the Hearst Tower up close.


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