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Fab Five

I am bringing back the Fab FivesūüėŹ ¬† I will try to post my five favorite items for the week on Fridays – some will be¬†themed while others random. ¬†I so meant to post this yesterday but by the time I got home and situated I fell asleep and no waking up till morning.

So here is the Fab Five for the week:

1: Sunset View from work –¬† The college I work at is surrounded by water and allows for some wonderful views into Manhattan. ¬†This was a recent favorite sunset — can you make out any of the major buildings?

2: ¬†Bud Light Subway S Train –¬†Due to some subway delays we had to take a different route to our church. ¬†We ended up taking the S train from Grand Central to Times Square — it is a quick little shuttle ride. ¬†Well our train was all different neon colors inside and outside — turns out it is part of a Bud Light advertisement for their “rita” drinks.

3: ¬†Emergency Station –¬†¬†I see these little stations every now and then… not sure if they work or not but I think it is a neat concept.

4: ¬†Tom Otterness’s Playground Figurines –¬† I posted on how during our exploration of Hell’s Kitchen we stopped at the Tom Otterness Playground. ¬†Besides the neat slide it was fun seeing the little figurines spread throughout the big sculpture. ¬†These little three where hidden on the leg slides.

5: Rock, Paper, Scissors –¬† While watching tv earlier in the week I saw the new Android Be Together Not theSame ads. ¬†It was a reminder of my childhood days when I played the game with my sister. ¬†As well I really appreciate how it touched on anti-bullying. ¬†Check it out.


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