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Exploring New York City: Hell’s Kitchen

Just about every weekend we explore a part of the city by checking out both known attractions or hidden gems.  I typically do a little bit of research days before so that I can at least have a game plan.  (Note – I’ve become more of an excursion planner since becoming a mother.)  It seems only fair that I share pieces of our explorations with my readers since it is part of our new home adjustment.

This past weekend we took time to explore some of Hell’s Kitchen (aka Midtown West).  Hell’s Kitchen is part of Manhattan that is bordered by the Hudson River and sandwiched between 34th street and 59th street.  It only took us about 15 minutes to walk there from our church which allowed us to see more of the area and places to visit.

Mural inside of Wrapido

One of our goals is to check out most of the local non-Dunkin donut shops so the first spot was a recommended donut shop.  But while we were walking there the girls said they wanted to eat real food before something sweet (hmmm they have not caught on that sweets are real food).  We decided to see what we could find along 9th Avenue and stopped at Wrapido – wraps with an East-Mediterranean twist.  The restaurant decor was pretty neat, the customer service was great, and everyone enjoyed their wrap!

Ample Hills Creamery

The donut place we wanted to try closed by the time we finished our ‘lunch’ but we kept walking toward it so we would know where to go next time.  On our way to the next planned spot my oldest spotted an ice cream spot that was featured on a Food Network show.  Ample Hills Creamery is one of the food options in the Gotham West Market food court.  I got a Blueberry sorbet while the girls got Cotton Candy ice cream — thankfully we like to share so that everyone had a taste of each.  We all liked our flavors and were grateful that we just-so happened to find it without planning.


With ice creams in tow, we were off for the next spot — a playground.  I learnt that one of the playgrounds to visit is a sculpture with slides for the arms and legs — yes you read correct there is a piece of art that you can play on.  Well-known artist, Tom Otterness, is the mastermind behind the playground located between two apartment towers a block within the Hudson.  I did not tell the girls where we were going so they were ecstatic when they saw it and immediately ran to the slide.  Besides the ability to play on it, the girls liked the small figurines scattered amongst the character’s body.  After playing we ventured over to the pier to get a view of the Hudson.

Tom Otterness’s Playground

We will definitely be returning to Hell’s Kitchen to explore more of the neighborhood and naturally to get a donut.


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