Motivation & Wisdom

Leaping is the Only Way

 We are already at the end of February – the year is going by fast.  More amazing is we are experiencing is this is a leap year.  I felt that I needed to post something about “leaping”.

Today’s image quote can be found at Shane Cradock’s blog.


Faith is an amazing quality to possess for it makes you go the extra and step outside of the norm.  I am truly grateful to have the ability to take leaps.  Prime example is the journey before moving to NYC.

I was stuck mentally, emotionally, and professionally for parts of 2014.  The failed qualifying exams put a barrier around my mind and left me unsure of what to do…but then I got a job with a local adult education program that reminded me of my passion to teach and why I went to doctoral school.   I wanted to help people reach their aha’s when it came to math.  I realized that I needed to move forward with my life and the doctorate was not needed at the moment.  I wasn’t closing the chapter but merely ready to take a break.  My willingness to leap into something new lead me open to outside the box job positions — trust me I applied for several jobs that were typical and completely different.   Now I am back in the state of New York, working a fabulous job, and even working on my redo for the exams.   Trust me it has been a bumpy journey, but the ‘leap’ definitely worked out in my favor.  

Are you stuck and ready for something to change?  Are you open to new possibilities?  What are you waiting for – take a ‘leap’!


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