6 Months in NYC

Can you believe it I have been in New York for 6 months?

It does not seem that long ago that I made my announcement that I would be moving to NY to start my next life chapter.  That me and the girls would be leaving what we know in KY to explore and grow into a completely new environment.

Ironically, the first 3+ months I was in New York while the girls remained in Kentucky due to apartment hunting dilemmas.  I never expected it to be so difficult to find a place but it was..and now we have a great apartment in an eclectic and unique area within the Bronx Little Italy.  Those months had me adjust solo which was hard for I missed my daughters which made it hard for me to focus on the bigger picture of finding a place.  I’m so grateful that my family and friends were there for me…encouraging me to keep looking and to not give up.  I will honestly admit that for a few weeks I went through a bit of depression — I questioned everything and constantly wanted to be back in KY.

But I shook it off and bounced back to embrace our journey and be ready for the unexpected.  A major aspect of my change was the finding of a church to call home– my faith needed a consistent source.  As well I started focusing on others by getting involved with the local #hashtagLunchbag events. Next thing I know I was connected to a realtor who found me places and was willing to work with my ‘lack-of’ credit for NY apartments (I will definitely have to post about apartment hunting from a NYC perspective).

I experienced quite a few “Firsts” without the girls, but soon they were here and we began our NYC journey together.  Since living here we have

  • Experienced our first Lunar New Year
  • Eaten tons of pizza
  • Taken our first real train ride to KY
  • Been bundled up in frigid temperatures
  • Had New Years on Coney Island
  • Tried various donuts
  • Visited Brooklyn Ikea
  • Gotten lost through the public transportation system
  • First Fordham University game

We have had quite a few firsts as a New York family and I’ve been really bad about not sharing them 🙂  I mean that is why you read my blog right — to find out what it is like to be “Maranda”.  I hope to start blogging about our adjustments and explorations at least twice a week — just so you get our perspective of “living in NYC”.



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