Motivation & Wisdom

Be a Dreamer

Today’s motivational quote comes from a famous African-American: Harriet Tubman.  Who knows where our history would be if she had not started the Underground Railroad…followed her dreams.  I found this quote from Insight Of The Day.


Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had tons of dreams that have either come true or faded away.  I believe our dreams shape us into being our true selves — if we let them.

I immediately think of the saying “Dream Big” for that means you have a vision which directs you to a destination.  I wonder how many of us would be major society game-changers if we just follow our dreams and not what others say?

Have you ever purposely let a dream fizzle out because others said it was silly or would never work?   I know I have, but somehow that dream was revived and I put my ear plugs in so that I could stay focused on reaching it.  Yep I’m back in the state of New York after 11+ years because I dreamt being here 🙂  And I did not let others shatter my dreams.

Now I have some more dreams to chase 🙂


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