Motivation & Wisdom

No Ordinary Love

The worse scenario for a single mother is being sick…that was my scenario last week which prevented me from posting.  Ironically, my youngest was also sick — reckon I got the bug from her.

I wanted to basely image quotes on “love” since Valentines occurs in the beginning of February.  I find today’s wisdom quote, by Pure Happy Life very fitting.


I have had my share of good and bad love relationships — who hasn’t.  Reflecting back on those relationships — a negative of the bad ones was they were very know no bells and whistles.  After seeing this quote I have a deeper understanding — either one of us or both of us treated each other like they were ordinary.

So the question becomes what does “ordinary” mean?  In my opinion it means as you have nothing special to provide…just being with you to be with someone.  Sidenote – been that person that just occupies space man does that situation sucks.

We are to be with someone that recognizes that you are their missing make them a better person…and you both compliment each other.  The love is unconditional — no strings for you being in love.

We need to remember that we are not average so why be with someone that sees you otherwise.


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