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Do What You Love

It is February  – one of my favorite months especially now that I have children.  We celebrate 14 Days of Love where I give the girls small gifts/treats each day expressing my love for them.  Now I tell them I love them daily BUT I find it fitting to do in the month of Valentine’s day.  I just want my girls to realize that Valentine’s Day is more than a bunch of gifts SO we also give back for 14 days — random acts like pay for a vending food item or send someone a special card.

In honor of these 14 days of love I will try to post quotes/items related to “LOVE”.

Todays quote:

We always hear people say to do follow your passion – when it comes to your career, your daily living, and reaching your dreams.  I have to admit I’m a firm believer in that — your passion is what keeps you going and provides you the fuel to keep at it during the hard times.  If I take time and reflect then I’m on the right path right now for I interweave my loves into my daily life, and for the most part my dreams align with my loves.

It has taken me TIME to realize some of my loves and  how to ensure they are part of my life.  And I’m grateful that I did figure them out because they are what make me unique and encourage my routines.

What do you love?  Is your life directed by what you love?


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