Motivation & Wisdom

Letting Go of Your Planned Life

As you remember I said that I’m going to focus on “going with the flow” this year.  It was quite fitting that today’s quote image appeared in my Facebook feed.

Children rarely plan out their lives…they just do what they are told and for the most part “wing it”.  Somewhere upon reaching adulthood we realize that there are certain things we can’t just wing – like acing our college classes or paying bills.  We make goals, strategize our daily schedules, and constantly format to-do lists.  Ironically the ‘organizing’ carries over into our everyday personal life.

Now that I’ve reached the 40’s I realize that I can’t plan my life…because my plans never work out how I intended.  That over the past year my ability to just do and see what happens worked out perfectly fine.  I have a new job…in a new city..and I’m growing spiritually and emotionally.  Trust me these things were not in my plan.  Yes I knew it was time to get a job and provide for my family BUT it was not in a field I would have thought of… I saw the job posting and thought let’s see what happens.

I’m not saying we can’t plan things because trust me I need strategies and organization when it comes to being successful at work…or heck when it comes to grocery shopping.  I just think that we have to be open to change…be okay when a task doesn’t get completed when we open to just ‘winging’ it every now and then 🙂


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