Motivation & Wisdom

Failure Is Not An Option

We are officially in the second week of 2016 – how is everyone doing?  I am doing great and glad I did not make any resolutions for it was a laidback weekend since one of th girls was sick.

Today’s motivational quote was in my facebook feed, but I snagged the image from google.  

I am pretty sure ‘failure’ is one of the most disliked word–nobody likes to fail.  Just the idea of failing prevents people from taking risks, pursuing their dreams, or try something new.  I am a firm believer that “you won’t know unless you try” and truly try to not let failure block me.  Try being the keyword — I have had my own setbacks for fear of f$@:,$@ up.

What would we do if failure did not exist?  You know if all our attempts worked out fine…everyone would be reaching for their dreams right.  I want to encourage everyone (including myself) to live like failure was not an option!  Be open to taking risks..leaps of faith..pushing your limits.  At least you can say that you gave it a try…as well you can make modifications along the way.


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