Motivation & Wisdom

Each New Day Brings New Thoughts

Wow it is the first Monday of 2016!!  I am excited for what could possibly happen this year – aren’t you?  I mean with each new year you have new possibilities and in some way your hope is renewed.

Today’s motivational quote comes from Inspirational Picture Quotes and is by Eleanor Roosevelt.


Each of us start with some form of resolutions for the new year.  I am trying something new this year — no resolutions.    Instead, I am going to take on the advice of having an anthem for the year — a motto to live by.  Just like the girls have the school motto to guide them, I will have a yearly motto.  The  motto will be  “Enjoy the Journey”! I am committed to being grateful and embracing each new day for who knows what is in store.  Especially with me being in a new job and a new city.

Just like Eleanor Roosevelt states — we get new thoughts each day.  We should embrace those thoughts and see where they lead us.  Who knows what I would be doing if I did not embrace the thought of moving or finding a career.  This year I am going with the flow while being mindful of my goals.  

The second part of the quote focuses on our daily strength.  With each new day we become stronger for through rest we are recharged and renewed to conquer whatever crosses our path.  One definite way to ensure that renewal is by letting the past be the past and cherish your current moment.  I have finally realized that all the past does is pull you down which prevents you from pushing forward.

Are you ready to embrace the new day?  Better yet the new year?  Take time to reflect on today’s quote and if inspired leave comments below.


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