Motivation & Wisdom

Learn by Reflection

It is hard to believe that 2015 is almost over — I quite honestly do not know where the year went.  I guess time really does pass you by when you occupied with new journeys and life experiences.

Since this is the last Wednesday of the year, I felt the need to provide a wisdom quote related to annual reflections.


I do not know about you, but I typically spend one day at the end of the year reflecting on my life events and personal growth.  It is through my reflection that I figure out what changes need to be made for me to rightly reach my annual goals…if any at all.  I had both positive and negative events occur in 2015 that enhanced my faith and ability to rely on others.  (Note – You can’t make it through life events nor our daily experiences without it.)  As well the past year made me become truer to myself — to really get to know the real Maranda.  I personally did not intend for that to happen but it did.  I guess you could say that I fell more in love with me and what I can bring to others.

I would not know how to handle future life experiences if it was not for my ability to reflect on them.  I believe that it is from reflection that you grow and gain insight on your next steps.  For example, I definitely know what to do and not do when it comes time for looking for another apartment in NYC — make sure you have enough money, increase my credit score, and be honest on what you desire in a place…. (It is funny now but man the 2.5 months of apartment shopping was a nightmare and I’m beyond grateful we found a place).

I encourage you to take a moment to just REFLECT on 2015…let that reflection guide you on how to approach 2016.



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