Motivation & Wisdom

Struggle Prepares You For Tomorrow

I have so much to update regarding our move to the NYC…which I plan on doing later this week.

Today I want to provide some Monday motivation which I just grabbed this quote from online.  It seems like a workout motivation BUT this is very applicable to everyday life.


We all have struggles some smaller than others..but I believe those hard times allow you to conquer the little moments in life.  As well the make you gain a deeper appreciation for things.  Man I truly value my time with loved ones more than ever.  After being away from my girls for 2.5 months – I cherish our time now that we are in the same place (one full week of them here).

From a different perspective, I completely know how to handle those crucial financial moments.  Me and the girls were able to eat healthy and have fun with us living off less.  Right now we are adjusting to a new area and new income which thankfully we can handle because of those past hard times.  I can definitely say that living off a doctoral student income prepared me to really budget while save.  

Whatever struggle you are going through — see it as a stepping stone.  Know that this rough patch will pass and you will be better because of it.


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