Thankful for the unknown

I try my best to have an appreciative mindset – as you have read I believe gratitude encourages a positive attitude.  For most of November, I have highlighted what I’m grateful for each day on my personal Facebook feed (yes I know realize I should have shared those with my Facebook page followers).

Today’s quote comes from a group of Native American thankful quotes on quote grams.


Wow this past year has been multiple unknown blessings — I had no clue where I would get a job and I did…I had no clue where we would be and soon all of us will be in NY…I had no clue if I would make it to my 40th birthday and I did…I have had moments where I was completely unknown and then a random check arrives…I could go on and on.  Two especially important unknown blessings are my daughters — I was told it was 95% not possible for me to have children and within 1.5 years I had my oldest.

I can honestly say those “unknown blessings” are the most rewarding for they show your ability to trust.  Trust that despite it all everything will work out just fine.  For me, it increases my faith and relationship with my spiritual father (God).  That there is something bigger than me working for my good.

Take a moment and reflect on your “unknown” blessings!  I can guarantee it will uplift your thinking to recognize how one unexpected action/event can renew your attitude.



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