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Gratitude Brings Peace

Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving week?  I can’t believe that time is flying by so quickly… I have been in New York for 2.5months — WOW.  I have so much to update related to the relocation…I have had every intention to blog but then I don’t… what can I say my routine has been thrown off since I had no children here and I was living on campus…

If you remember my last post I wanted to post quotes related to Gratitude and Thankfulness — for each day on my personal FB I have been sharing my reasons to be thankful. Today’s quote reminds me of one benefit of being “grateful”.


It is a random image that did not have an “official web reference” but I am thankful it crossed my path.  For I can honestly say that being grateful does change your emotional state.  Everyone time I think about what I am blessed with I get a calmness about me and my “worries” fade away.

I can say that over these past couple of months I would STRESS over not finding an apartment because it was not working out in my timing..But when I remembered that hey I do have a roof over my head the stress reduced.  You know I was not sleeping on the streets…I had a place to lay down and as the cold weather arrived I had warmth.  What a magnificent attitude adjustment…especially since I do work with groups on ending homelessness.

What about you – does gratitude provide you peace?


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