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Confidently Follow Your Dreams

I know I know I have been non-existent for some weeks… I’ve gone from being excited, depressed, making it, lonely, and finally renewed since my arrival to the Bronx.  The various emotions were related to me finding an apartment and missing my girls.  It is hard being away from them, but what else was I going to do pack my bags and go back to KY.  NO — I know that my heavenly father did not put me on a path for me to turn around….Thankfully my faith has returned and I’m back to normal…

It is as if I was part of the Moonstruck movie and someone hit me and said “Snap out of it” 🙂  Yes it is hard having my girls in another state…hard being a mother with distance between us, but we are managing and so very grateful for Skype and FaceTime.  I looked at an apartment last week that I liked, that is in a safe area, and within my budget…now I wait to see if I get approved.  I will have to write about my apartment hunting trials in another post.

Today’s motivational image quote comes from Entrepreneur Mom Now

Whenever we hit a bump in our life we typically question what pursuits.  We tend to take detours or just halt everything.  I personally know that over these past weeks I have questioned if I made the right decision…but that question did not last long.

We always have adjustment pains when on a new journey/experience….that’s part of our test of keeping with it or throwing in the towel.  I have heard how sometimes these “growing pains” can at times show who is strong when things get hard.  It is always in these times that it is beneficial to have good support system — for they provide you encouragement to keep on.

In my own personal journeys and observance of others, I can honestly say it is worth it pushing through and staying on your journey.  Not only do you reach your dreams but you will experience things you would not even imagine!  The key aspect is remaining confident…trust that you are on the right path…trust that everything will be just fine.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if we had people throw in the towel at the hard moments?  I mean would we have our modern technology?  Would we have some of our medical advancements?


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