Motivation & Wisdom

You Possess the Accurate Strength for Your Life

The countdown is real — 4 more days till we leave our current residence!  Right now we do not have a place to live in New York (we are moving if you did not know) so our items will be in storage until I do.  Even though us girls are off due to Labor day we have been busy doing things for the move.  Hmmm let’s correct that by saying I have been busy.

Today’s motivational quote relates to one’s personal strength and the image was found on Inspiration Luv.

Being human means that we at one point or another question if we are strong enough for something…I know that as I prep for my new life journey I have those questionable moments.  As soon as they appear they quickly fade away for I remember that I would not be placed on this new path if I was not ready for it.  I am a firm believer that we are given what we can handle and quite honestly a little bit more than what we can handle.  To add to that I think our rough patches (aka trials/tribulations) increase our personal strength.

The quote reminded me of a song by Mandisa titled “Stronger”.  It inspires you to remember that no matter what you are strong enough to handle anything that comes your way.  You have to believe that everything will work out and soon the trial will be over for God is by your side.  If you have never heard it check out the video.

I am one person that is truly appreciative for my rough patches because I know that they shaped me to handle whatever is thrown my way.  Thus I am ready for my new life journey..I know it will take us time to adjust (on all levels), but once we are settled everything will work out just fine!  All I can say is “Bring it”!


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