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One Step At A Time

*** Even though I have been saving money I have realized that I do not have enough.  So I have created a GoFundMe account to assist with the relocation costs.   Read more. ***

So I was thankfully off today BUT that meant I had tons of “moving” tasks/errands to cover while the girls were in school. Thankfully I got most of what I needed to do completed so that I can now tackle tomorrow’s long list of to-dos.

I can admit that I got a little frazzled because it seems that once I complete one thing something else appears on my list 🙂 Then you add on my priority of finding a place to stay for it determines other components like where the girls go to school, filling out paperwork, and finding after-school care.

The “frazzled” moment did not last long… I was quickly reminded that everything will get done and we will find a place…because it always works out positively! We have been blessed with this wonderful opportunity in a new city…we are not left to fend for ourselves! It was also advantageous that one of my favorite Kirk Franklin songs came on the radio at the time which reminded me I’m never alone 🙂

Image retrieved from

We all have to remember that whatever journey we take is not going to be completed in an instant! It takes ONE STEP AT A TIME!  Just like the image says — that is all we can do.  I mean what is the point of me stressing — I can only do so much and if it does not happen I can try again the next day.  Note — can I just say how cute this bird is:)


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