Motivation & Wisdom

Let Faith Lead You

It is hard to believe that in two weeks I will have completed my first day of my new job 🙂  I had to work today so I did not get to do much packing for the move BUT I have begun listing items on craigslist to sale.  I felt today’s motivational quote needed to relate with the concept of FAITH since I have been living on it for some months.

stairs quote

I did a quick search on possible rentals in the campus area, before I got the offer…just to get an idea of how much I needed and if the schools were good.  We do not live in a society where our children can just show up to school… Now that I have the job the rental search is priority #1.  I do not even want to bore you with how hard it can be trying to find a place in the Bronx that is safe, close to job, and most importantly associated with a good school.  Not everyone is like me but my daughters need to go to a school that has good scores in reading and math (especially with me being in the education industry).

Even though I haven’t found a place for us to lay our heads I have FAITH it will happen…Not only that it will happen BUT it will happen before my intended departure date.  I know it is driving people crazy when they ask how I am packing even though I don’t have a place.  Hmmm my faith is pushing me on..I can’t just sit here twiddling my thumbs and then be rushed at the last minute… I have a start date so no matter what I have to be there…so boxes better be ready and furniture sold.

That’s right we are not taking all of our furniture with us… I want to get a small truck and take this opportunity to fully start fresh and simple.  I will honestly say it is hard for me to sell my washer/dryer BUT none of the places I have looked at have hookups…besides we have been going to a laundromat for a few months since my dryer isn’t working… (always see the positive out of everything)


PSeven though I have been saving money for the relocation, I am seeing we need more money to handle New York’s fees.  Read how you can help us out.

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