Motivation & Wisdom

Trust Your Choices

Man what a wonderful  yet busy past couple of days…between my job and the girls first week of school.

Today’s wisdom quote is based on  TRUST and provided by Daily Positive Quotes.

We are constantly given opportunities to make a choice.  Naturally with every choice we have a new path that occurs — a prime example of “a cause and an effect”.  In my personal opinion, the key component of making a choice is trusting  your decision.  You are your number one supporter which means you have to totally agree with what you decide while believing it is best for you.

I have had my own group of choices that I have regretted after the fact — and if I reflect on it I’m sure I was not a firm believer of what I was about to choose.  BUT the awesome thing is that every choice will at some point initiate another moment to make a choice!  And at that new moment you can redeem  yourself by making the best choice 🙂

Do you always trust your choices?  Do you think we can redeem what we select?


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