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Fab Five Colombian Street Art

It is hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since I was exploring and relaxing in Colombia.  Just about everyday I am reminded of the experience and reflect on how I can’t wait to return.  It does not help that my good friend from Colombia is still in Bogota and communicates with almost daily 🙂

I have been wondering what I should first post about from the trip… well this morning I knew I wanted to do a Fab Five related to the trip and what better than to show some of the street art.  As most know I LOVE art — it was my minor and thankfully I get to dabble in it every now and then.  One thing that I always try to do wherever I go is visit an art museum AND pay attention to the street art murals.

I had read about the vibrant art murals to see in Bogota, and I even mentioned how excited I was to see it.  While in Cartagena I lost my glasses to the ocean 🙂  So it became difficult to SEE the murals while in Cartagena so most of my pictures are from my time in Bogota. In addition, even though I saw plenty it was difficult to get pictures of some due to us being in a cab/Uber.

streetArtPic1We saw this realistic mural walking along the cobblestone streets in La Candelaria – a historic neighborhood within Bogota.  Actually right near this mural there was an artist painting another one which we were in aw of his technique.  The detail in her face and skin stood out which inspired me to take a selfie to show how life-like she looked.  Besides the tons of art murals within the neighborhood there are tons of local shops and street vendors retailing unique artistic items.

streetArtPic2As we were walking to Bogota’s Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) we saw various street murals.  This amazing piece, by Stinkfish, is actually located in Central Bogota along Carrera Séptima.  Stinkfish’s work is easy to notice because of the signature colors and trademark designs.  Take time to check out his site.

streetArtPic3The one mural piece I was able to capture while in Cartagena is a well known piece called Prisma Afro.  We saw the mural after visiting Castillo de San Felipe.  The piece was done by seven Colombian street artists (Ospen, Cazdos, Ecks, Zas, Dexs, Skida y Yurika) back in 2013.  Watch about the making of the piece and the artists here.  I will say my picture did not come out as I would like since we were in a moving cab 😦

streetArtPic4I honestly do not remember where we saw this piece BUT I do know that it was at a light for took it while in a cab.  My friend was hurrying me to take the picture since the light was about to change and they knew I was intrigued by the eyes.

streetArtPic5This collection of murals can be found around Calle 26 which is near Centro Bogota — I took the picture because of the punk rocker.  My Colombian friend use to be a punker and we both saw that first when we approached the mural.  Based on the tag next to the punker I can say it was done by a group of artists called – Toxicomano.  You can check out their other work here.

Just to go on a street art hunt is reason enough to return 🙂


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