Motivation & Wisdom

Beauty of Learning

I will be quite honest — the first day of school has completely worn me out 🙂  I was up early to get breakfast ready and then to get the girls ready.  After dropping them off I worked out and then off to work…. we did not return home till after 8:30 pm…. (I work Mon/Wed nights so we have long days).

I thought I would do an education quote since it was the first day of school:

I’m truly grateful that nobody can take the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my years of being in school (k-12, bachelors, masters, and even doctorate).  Yes people can downplay your degree or what field you studied BUT they can never deny that you learned something.  I can say that this does not just apply to formal education.  Our life lessons are exactly that life lessons — they stay with you to reflect upon or serve as a guide for future experiences/events.


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