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All About the BEs – Annual Back to School Dinner and Motto

As most know, I am focused on making memories so last year I started a new family tradition — A Back to School Dinner!  I loved the idea of welcoming in the new school year, establishing school goals, and creating a family motto.  I never blogged about our first dinner which was so much fun and based on a quote by Maya Angelou.  Note – I will take time to make a post about it later in the month to provide ideas for others wanting to do a dinner.

backToSchoolDinnerThe Dinner – Our back to school dinner had to relate to our family motto so I focused on foods that start with the letter B.  After talking with the girls on what they would like, I decided we would have Barbecue Chicken, Roasted Potatoes (it was originally baked potatoes but they changed their mind), and Honey Green Beans.  For our dessert, we had Brownie Ice Cream stacks which was basically two homemade brownies with ice cream in the middle and on top.  I got these cute BEE cupcake sticks for a decorative presentation and as a hint on what our motto would be.


Our Family Motto:  

I looked all over the internet for this year’s motto but nothing was clicking for me, but I kept thinking about how I would like us to be.  Keeping with that thought I designed our own motto for the year — I mean why use others quotes when I can create my own.  Our motto for the year is all about how we will BE  — Kind, Courageous, Amazing, True, Grateful, Happy,  and we will Believe.

After dinner I revealed the family motto and we sat and talked about the words.  Naturally my oldest knows what the words mean (she better since starting 5th grade), but I wanted to make sure my youngest knew what the words meant.  We recited it twice and talked about ways we can fulfill each Be action.


School Year Goals:

The last part of our dinner was writing down our school year goals.  I took big unlined index cards and decorated the fronts with a beehive, bee, and everyone’s name.  For the girls I put what grade they were going to be in — hopefully I will not lose the cards and they can reflect on what we did each year.  The plan is that mid-way through the school year we will see how we are doing on the goals and make adjustments.  I like the goal cards for they keep us all focused on why in school and what we aspire to be.

I would love for you to tell me what your family does to celebrate a new school year.  Take a moment to leave me a comment below or share the post with others via twitter and Facebook.


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