Motivation & Wisdom

Cant’s into Cans…Dreams into Plans

I’m for the most part back into my normal routine post-Colombia…which includes me ready to do my daily blogging.  Today’s motivational image comes from Picture Quotes:

The quote is a great reminder that “Can’t” should not be anyone’s vocabulary.  When something seems impossible you just need to figure out an alternative path to make your dreams happen.  As well we should always embrace the closed door for that means there is a door opening waiting for you.

The quote is very fitting for me right now….A job that I interviewed for back in April/May did not turn out like I desired which I will admit made me wonder about my job options.  BUT I decided to expand my job search and be open to alternative jobs that still utilize my skills.  Well it seems that was a wise decision for I got interviews for those new job applications 🙂  I realize now that I can still reach my career goals as long as I am open to a different job position/title.

Have you been told “NO” or “You Can’t”?  Please take time to provide comments on what you did?


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