Cartagena Castle and Chiva Fun

I am waiting on my flight back to Bogota from Cartagena…Although happy to return back to Bogota I wish could stay just a little bit longer in Cartagena.  It is a wonderful city filled with friendly people and the beaches!

Our focus yesterday was more of Old City and the San Felipe Castle.  The castle provides a great panoramic view of the city.  It is amazing how well it has held up since its creation in 1553(i think).  

For our last night in Cartagena we decided to take the popular chiva bus—so much fun!!!  Not only to you get to party with the locals but you meet people from various countries.  I loved listening to the music and singing some traditional Latino songs.  Unlike most riders I decided to not drink the rum and coke included in your fee. Your bus ride ends with all of the chiva passengers partying on the city wall – completely worth the cost.



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