Cartagena so far

Well we have been in Cartagena 1.5 days.  I will say they were accurate on the heat…it is HOT.  Coming from Kentucky I am okay with the humidity and you can guarantee that I appreciate the fans in our rental and the air conditioning in the restaurants.

I am still stomach sick so focused on a bland diet and drinking plenty of water.  This morning me and my friend E went for a run — thankfully my charity miles logged and I was able to raise some money while on vacation.  We hope to go running again before we leave.

So far we have experienced the local Bocogrande beach and the old city.  I love the architecture and art components within the old city.  My companions are enjoying the stores.  

Although I practiced Some Spanish and took time to use Duolingobto learn words — I truly needed more AND appreciate our guides in Bogota.  We have had various language barriers but were able to overcome them.  Just wish I was better — you can guarantee I will be working at it more.

Here are some pictures

View from Bocagrande beach

Streets within old city
Palenque dancers

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