Motivation & Wisdom

No emotional baggage when traveling light

I begin my trip to Colombia in 2 days!!  Today’s wisdom quote relates to the concept of “traveling” since that is my focus till August.

Cesare Pavese provided us with some great thought-provoking quotes, and I have to say this is one of them.  I love how he relates baggage to negative emotions.  You can’t make the most out of your trip carrying the negatives for your mind will always be well you will block any form of appreciation and reflection.

I needed this quote… Especially after these past couple of days of single-mom drama and stress from the job search.  I am leaving all of that in my house and only taking joy, passion, gratitude, and open-mindedness with me.  I will focus on letting the small stuff roll off and embrace this wonderful experience and opportunity.

As well I’m going to allow my brain time to take a mental break and just soak in the reflective time.  One thing that is definitely going in my bag is my journal and copies of my daily devotions.  I would not want to be miles away from my journal when a powerful moment occurs…nor would I want to miss out on my morning routine that preps me for the day.

Please take a moment to provide me your thoughts today’s post.  As well if you think someone would benefit from it share it with Twitter or Facebook!



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