Single Mom Journey

My Single Mom Journey – Did I Make the Wrong Decision

My Single Mom Journey is a blog series explaining my path to being a single mom (My single mom memoirs).  Read the intro to find out more.  Please take time to express your thoughts about the series or questions you would like me to answer in the comments section!

As you know I had a big decision to make since I was pregnant in Rochester, NY which was about 9 hours away from my family and the baby’s father….It took conversations with friends/family and major reflection to decide to sell my house in NY and make the move back to Louisville, KY.

Rochester Home

From May – early July I worked with my realtor to have a quick turn around for my house.  The house was an antique home with hardwood floors and trim — I had spent most of my time in it bringing it back to its original charm — tons of stripping paint and ripping out carpet.  I had painted a big mural in my office and done some interesting painting in the back sunroom as well.  With the help of friends (being pregnant I could not do any work with chemicals) those rooms were repainted for my “buy” appeal…and after hearing people not liking the original trim in the dining room with reservation had some friends paint it back (It took tons of remover and time to get layers of paint off to have to return it — ugh).

Also during this time I had a baby shower and tons of farewell lunches/dinners.  I can say that every single day I questioned if I should really move.. I mean I had made a home for myself in Rochester and loved my Rochester “family“…. My doctor told me that I had to move no later than August for she wanted me to give myself time to know a new doctor and keep things calm for the baby.  So by mid-July my dad and sister journeyed to Rochester to help me load a truck for Kentucky….

This is also the time that C (baby’s father) started being less involved.  He had agreed to fly to Rochester and help us make the road trip to Louisville but day of he was not there… I had to beg and plead for him to come to the new house in Louisville and help my family unload… Remember by now I am PREGNANT– 5 months — I could only touch small and lite items.  What seemed like a good plan was really seeming like a TERRIBLE plan.

The only saving grace was I would be living with my sister (and her children) in a nice home on tons of land in a quite area.  My sister was going through her own personal issues so me moving was perfect timing for both of us.  Another plus was my best friends E and T lived in Louisville so they would be able to experience my pregnancy with me and be there for me and the bambino!

Within the week of my move I got a temporary job and transferred all my medical records back to my former Ob/Gyn.  It was also within the week of my move that I got news that left me wondering “Did I Make the Wrong Decision”…..

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