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Five Things I Can’t Wait to Experience in Colombia

experienceColombiaIn a matter of 7 days, I will be going on my 40th birthday trip to Colombia!!!  Last July I made a list of 40 items I had to complete before I turned 40, and one of those items was to visit at least two different countries.  I have a passion for traveling that has been on sabbatical because of my children.  My aim with this trip is to not only spend quality time with my friends/family BUT to revive my passion and get some more passport stamps 🙂

In honor of my trip and my weekly “fab fives” — I wanted to list the five things I can’t to experience in Colombia.

Our Rentals

1.  Our Rentals – For about the past two years I’ve been using AirBnB for most of my trip accommodations.  I love the ability of having a kitchen right there and the comfort of a “home” rather than a “hotel”.  All of my rentals have been AWESOME and leave me desiring to return to the place.  So why not have a rental while we are abroad!  I really researched our places and got input from my travel mates on our final selection…both places are in apartment towers and allow for everyone to have their own room.  The other best part is that the owners have been very communicative with me and have provided lists of restaurants, spots, and activities to try.


2.  The Food – One of my good friends is Colombian so I’ve been fortunate to try Colombian food…BUT not while in the actual country!  I can’t wait  to try fresh arepas from a street vendor…or taste the fruits unique to the regions… and be bold to try some Colombian coffee.  NOTE — I am not a coffee person for it puts me asleep BUT you can’t go to Colombia and not drink the coffee.  Pictured above are some Colombian tostones and empanadas from Barroco Grill in Cleveland, OH.


3. The Sights – So I had my sister and best friend check out travel sites particular to Bogota and Cartagena so we could figure out what sights we just had to see.  Gosh we had a long list of places but we narrowed it down so that we could fit everything into 7 days.  One sight that we all seemed to agree on is the Cathedral de Sal in Zipaquirá, Colombia.   We will have to travel an hour from Bogota but just from the pictures I know it will be worth it!!

4.  The People – I will be honest when I visit a new place I like to “people-watch”.  I soak in the atmosphere and pay attention to the diversity painted before me.  I can’ wait to just sit somewhere and watch the people pass by…observing the various hues…and listening to the different dialects.  Being an African-American, I have taken time to read how Colombia handles diversity and racism so it will be interesting to witness things for myself.  I’m also hoping that we get a chance to visit Palenque de San Basilio which is where the decendents of Colombia’s first slaves made home.

Photo comes from Fatcap.org’s page on murals painted by Gauche in Bogota, Colombia.

5. The Art –   As most know I LOVE art in all mediums…I look forward to visiting the Botero Art museum and seeing sculpture pieces..BUT I most look forward to the street art.  I can guarantee like most trips I take most of my pictures will be of the murals 🙂  The above photograph comes from a Fatcap.org page dedicated to the artist Gauche.  The photograph was taken by Plaxy

Now it is time for me to focus on my packing and getting things in order before my trip.


11 thoughts on “Five Things I Can’t Wait to Experience in Colombia”

      1. Actually La Catedral de Zipaquirá is a good idea, if you’re going to Bogotá, Monserrate, of course, Museo del Oro and Museo del Banco de la República.

  1. I was in Colombia for a year on a Fulbright back in 2000. I loved it. The most friendly and proud people you will ever meet. Be sure to order their specialty, a delicious soup called ajiaco. Mmmmmmm. Enjoy Bogotá. Definitely see Monseratte and the Museo de Oro. Also, search out Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s home in Cartagna. 😉

    1. Congratulations on being a Fulbright! Thank you for the suggestions on sights and food…I knew Cartagena was the basis for Marquez’s book but did not know you could see his home.

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