Motivation & Wisdom

Your Age Does Not Define You

Today’s Wisdom quote is based on age:

4b68b32ac11e1a6e60593e0e414f61a3I thought about this today while me and the girls were riding rides at a local carnival-style fair.  I am so glad that I have not let my age define my actions!  I still get a kick out of being up in the air swinging around like crazy just like I did over 20+ years ago…Now don’t get me wrong I am not as wild and thrill-seeking like I use to be since I have to take my children into consideration BUT I am still up for some fun.

I know a few people that are about my age and they would rather to sit on the bench for they say they are too old for the rides.  My girls would not know what to do if I said “that’s okay mommy will sit here and wait for you to finish”.  I also know people that have let their age control their actions like not even considering taking an international trip or learning something new.  I say keep living until your all lived out 🙂


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