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Math & Origami: Ninja Star

It is “Tinkering Tuesday” and I will be honest — we did no tinkering 😦  The girls swam for a big chunk of the day while I was a work and by the time we got home they were not in the mood.  Which is completely okay for I completely forgot to plan something for us to do (I can honestly say that I do not think they are mad about it).

Thankfully I had something we did in June that I had no posted about 🙂

I looked through various math and science related books for ideas on things to do during our summer learning routine.  One in particular was the book Cool Flexagon Art:  Creative Activities that Make Math & Science Fun for Kids!  Read about it and other Cool Art books here.

One that seemed fun for us was the Ninja Star — which just needs 8 pieces of origami paper and your hands (for one).

Each origami piece is folded into a parallelogram and then you interlock the 8 pieces together to form an octagon.  Then you do some magic and the octagon transforms into a neat looking star.  Part of the fun is the transformation between the shapes…then the real fun happens when you can throw the star like a ninja!


I will be honest we had to watch a YouTube video to make sure we were doing the folds right, but after we completed a piece of the star we were on a row.

Have you done any tinkering I should try with the girls?  Please share them in the comments!


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