Motivation & Wisdom

Never Too Old To Dream

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I know it is rather later to be posting but I wanted to provide you this week’s motivational post.  Today’s image came up in my google search on motivation and age:


Why is it that most of the time people stop dreaming when they reach a certain age?  It’s as if they have thrown in the towel on life and just do whatever to get through the years.  NOT ME!!  

I get excited as I become closer the my new age milestone of 40…Yes I am excited about my upcoming birthday, but I am more excited about the possibilities and doors this new age opens.  Marking things off my 40X40 list has awakened my soul and ability to dream.  For example, I spent most of yesterday on the computer reading about traveling and the best destinations.  I haven’t even completed my birthday trip and I am thinking of where I will go next year 🙂

Have you given up on your dreams?  Do you have things to look forward to as you get older?  I dare you to take time to reflect on your desires and how to make them a reality…then come back and keep me posted on what you decided so I can hold you accountable!


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