How do you get an egg naked?

It is “Tinkering Tuesday” so we decided to do one of the projects I posted for my Fab Five Summer Learning Science Style. The girls were interested how to get an egg naked.  So we gathered up our supplies

  • two containers,
  • 16 oz of vinegar per container, and
  • two large eggs (naturally you one per girl).


I asked the girls what they think happens when we get an egg naked.  They had no clue which surprised me since they know what “naked” meant.  I told them that we had two types of vinegars in the house and which one they wanted to use… well my scientific Big said “Why not use both and compare our results… It is a science experiment”.  After placing an egg in each container, we filled one with apple cider vinegar and the other with white vinegar.

And then we let them sit for about 18 hours while we slept, did some running, went to swim lessons, and mommy worked.  We did check on them before we left the house and noticed that they both had a bunch of foam at the top of the container (lets you know it is working) and the eggs had raised to the top.  We also noticed that the white vinegar egg had it’s yolk hanging out but still saw some white part of the shell.

For the big reveal we emptied the liquid out of both containers so that we could easily get the eggs in our hands.  As we emptied the white vinegar container we noticed something odd — there was just the yolk and some white material.  Rather than putting it in our hands we emptied it into a bowl to look further.  The girls were able to take the white material out and realized that the shell pulled away from the yolk…Made us wonder if it either sat to long or the vinegar was to strong.

They easily held the egg from the apple cider vinegar container and was like “Ohh this feels weird” – and described it as being rubbery.  They tried gentle squeezes for they did not want it to bust.  I asked them if we could bounce it?  We did gentle bounces on the counter and the girls were like “wow” With their eyes wide from amazement.

I grabbed an egg from the fridge and asked them one last thing to observe while they held both eggs.  They noticed that the “naked” egg was bigger than a normal egg and we discussed how that happened. (Basically through osmosis the egg took in some of the vinegar liquid).

The girls really enjoyed this experiment and even though they are at different age levels they still gained something from it.  Regarding Big the experiment allowed her to go through the scientific process by comparing the vinegars.  Naturally I aided them in determining a hypothesis and proposed result by providing the questions and gaining their insight on what could happen.  They did wonder why the egg in white vinegar did not stay intact… so we could have another experiment in the works.  I will also say we plan on doing other egg experiments so stay tune!

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