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No Matter The Time Keep At It

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I do not know about you but the 4th of July weekend went by so fast — it actually threw me off a bit for I was thinking we were one day ahead and then when I realized we weren’t I fell behind  🙂  But as a single mother of two girls I quickly get back on track.  Actually we had to for my work schedule changed so now we have less time to waste the beginning of the week.  I will never complain about more hours for that means just a little more income.

Today’s Monday Motivation is focused on Patience and comes from Herbie Robertson’s Positive Thinking blog (Note – the blog has not had a post for over a year but great quotes can be found on it).

Herbie Robertson - It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.

No matter how much determination a person has they will at some point feel the timing is to long or not in their favor.  I personally think that we all have something we are not willing to wait on.  For some it is love, for some it is money, and then for others it is reaching a goal.  And because of our inability to wait for something we make the choice to throw in the towel, quit, or take a break from it (Ouch sometimes the truth can hurt while I write these posts)

I want to take this moment to encourage you to KEEP AT IT — it is worth the time it takes!  I know there have been several moments in my single mother journey that I wanted to throw in the towel for I was impatient on what was about to happen.  Or I questioned the time it was taking for me to properly take care of my girls….But you know I stuck with it and even though I’m not where I desire to be the time has paid off and we are better.

As I constantly tell the girls there are times when you have to crawl before you can patient and take however long it takes to reach your prize.  In the end the time it takes will pay off and your reward will be well worth the wait 🙂

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