My Single Mom Journey – Who knew eating that much cereal meant something

My Single Mom Journey is a blog series explaining my path to being a single mom (My single mom memoirs).  Read the intro to find out more.  Please take time to express your thoughts about the series or questions you would like me to answer in the comments section!

It is February 2004 and as you read I was not in a serious relationship BUT I had two good male friends — C and J.  Naturally with it being February, people are getting focused on Valentine’s Day and what gifts they will get…OR they are wondering if they will be single or not (on this extremely overrated holiday).   I was not someone that was really big about the day BUT I was hoping that I would celebrate it with J since we already hung out all the time.  Coincidentally, that was not in the thoughts of J…he had other plans which started to irritate me after talking with others about it (Wisdom gained over the years- try not to talk to others about your romantic/relationship desires.  Talk directly to the person!!)  Long story cut extremely short — I got mad and decided to leave for a business trip a few days earlier so could stop in my hometown and see C.

Something beneficial to know is that also about this time I had made a switch from being a vegetarian to being a vegan (I made that plunge to not eat any dairy at all).  A few weeks after Valentines Day my best friend E came to Rochester so we could take a weekend trip to Toronto for her spring break.  Just like we always do we stayed up late one night just watching movies and eating snacks….well there was one thing in particular that we could not stop eating — Captain Crunch cereal (in a recent talk with E she said it was Fruity Pebbles LOL)  Because I was crazy and all I bought a 5 lb bag of the cereal and we just kept eating it till it was all gone..We thought it was odd to eat so much BUT did not think anything else about it 🙂

I actually had a few other odd moments that I did not think anything about — I just thought that the elimination of dairy products was the source of concern..(Now as I reflect on things I was really naive or better yet clueless on things)

Time passed to being early May and I had my normal annual checkup with my ob/gyn…Who knew that the appointment would turn out to be something major….  My doctor came in the room and was “how have you been doing” and I was like “for the most part fine except my body is not a fan of me switching to veganism”.  She was like “well that’s because your pregnant”…With tears streaming down my face I was like “hmmm WHAT…how is that possible”.  Let me sidetrack for a moment – just a year before I had some medical matters that lead my doctor to believe I had a rare chance of ever having children naturally.  My doctor was awesome in calming me down so that I could appropriately soak in the news…she did her normal questioning to figure out how far along I was and even used a doppler to check for a heartbeat.  Turned out I was about 2+ months pregnant BUT she scheduled me an ultrasound to confirm.

Who knew that eating all that cereal was a sign that I was becoming a mother…Who knew that it was a sign of a new chapter in my life….

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