Making A Difference

Thoughtful Thursdays – Books

FullSizeRenderFor the summer we will try to do something for others every Thursday — our way of giving back and making a small difference in the world.  I try to get the girls to do some form of kindness during the holidays and when an opportunity arises…thankfully they got the “giving spirit” gene from their mom and do it joyfully.  There are times that they just make me full of joy seeing their desire to naturally help someone else less fortunate and fully understand what they are doing.

Today’s focus was  on books.  I had the girls go through their large library collection and select books they will not read or are done reading.  Naturally they gave me a hard time on this for they LOVE their books.  Between the two I would say Big had the hardest time picking which ones she did not want.

I am a strong believer that you always give your best so I made sure the girls gave good condition books.  (Note:  Even though my girls love getting books they do not always take great care of them)  I knew we had three places to donate the books so I made three groups for delivery.

IMG_7051The first group of books went to the local Children’s Hematology/Oncology clinic.  We did not have to think about where the top-notch books were going because the girls are patients of the clinic.  Each of us have a rare blood disorder that is not life threatening but keeps us on our toes regarding health.  We know that they provide chemotherapy  treatments for children within the clinic and thought they would need books.

The second group of books went to our favorite place for family activities – The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning.  The center provides tutoring, writing, and literacy programs for all ages and levels.  We go there every month for their Family Night events which are tons of fun!  At each event they give young attendees a free book and they have a big library for people to take additional books.  So why not provide them some books for their library.  

The last group of books went to one of the local Little Free Libraries.  Basically this organization has people place boxes with books in them.  People can either drop off or take books for their own personal use.  It IMG_7058is a great way to recycle books for you know that someone will take a book to read.  We specifically dropped our books off at a spot that would be visited by both adults and children.

I know a lot of people will sell their books for money…BUT I want to stress to my girls it is better to Give than Receive.  I also want them to see how blessed they are to be given books when they ask…where there are people who are not that fortunate.

My one advice in donating books is to make sure the place you select is taking donations.  I called the clinic to make sure they would take the books and we actually made an appointment to drop them off.  I also advise you to make sure your family can handle the possibility of seeing someone sick if you drop off to a clinic/hospital.  You do not want to let the patients see your fear or worry BUT you want them to see your compassion!


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