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Negative Mind Does Not Equal Positive Life

What a glorious Wednesday morning — glorious because we are given another chance to experience life!  The image quote for our Words of Wisdom Wednesday is some random image I saw in my downloads.


This past week I have been “binge-watching” the tv show Chasing Life which gives insight on how a young girl handles her diagnosis of leukemia.  The show is a great reminder of how our lives are not promised so you have to make the most of everyday you are blessed to live.  You can’t focus on the bad aspects of your day for there are so many good aspects taking place.

The quote reminds me of the various blessings/gratitude challenges you see on Facebook and general conversations.  I’ve known people that post for so many days what they are grateful about, or I’ve known people that write their daily blessings down on a paper and place in a jar.  The challenge gives you a different perspective on life and your haves vs have nots.

As a kid I was known for constantly being happy and smiling non-stop…And I was because I had no worries and thanks to my innocence nothing bothered me.  I see that my Little acts the same way..always perky and smiling all the time…because she is shielded from stress.  As a parent we try our best to prevent our children knowing if there are problems for they do not need to worry about a thing…but as we get older we have to take matters in our own hands.

We have to be our own shields…people do this in different ways like being oblivious, have faith that all will get better, or just focus on the positives (pessimistic vs optimistic attitude). I personally wake up each morning and reflect on my blessings and try my best to only see the positive out of every event/experience of the day.  I try my best to see the good in all people.  The keyword is “try”!  We are all human and will have moments where we slip and become a negative person or think negative but like Cher says “Snap Out of It”….because you will not see the beauty of your life with fogged up glasses.

Now I know people would say “what about all the bad taking place in our world”…Yes there is tons of negative things occurring right now…Poverty, Racism, Wars just to name a few…All you can do is be a change agent …if people start seeing your positive disposition and positive actions they will possibly take on your methods and be more positive and do good deeds for others…And overtime Love will win (remember I am an optimistic).

So I ask do you possess a positive or negative mind?  If you are negative what small step can you take to be positive?


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